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I Can Go Insane Now, I Have No One To Care For Anymore, Hate Me? I Would Careless, But Your Death Will Be Caused By My Bare Hands, Insane Asylum........Has A Good Ring To It, I like It, I Wonder What Should I Do To Be Able To Get There?
Hmmm? There Are So Many Things To Do, But First I Want To Do Something I've Always Wanted To Do.....Kill....Will I Care To Kill Someone To Have Blood On My Hands? To Be Honest....I Would...CARELESS I WANT TO I WANT TO SEE THERE WARM RED LIQUID ON MY HANDS! HAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm Not Trying To Be Insane, You Don't Become Insane Your Born With It, We All Are Born With It, You Just Need To Let Your Insanity Take Over, Listen To The Voices And Let The Darkness Come Out, Open The Door To The Darkness And Let The Darkness Take Over You, You Won't Regret It, I Don't Hehehe, Now I Shall Color The World With My Beautiful Colors And Make It Become MINE.

I Wonder......Who Should I Kill First?
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August 6, 2014


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